Movie Mine


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What this does:

  • User can input movie rating of movies they have watched:
    • searching and rating
    • random movie suggestions to rate
  • Using the app's algorithm, it will provide the user with movies to watch next based on the movies rated

How this program does it:

  • It is based on a 25million input database of movies and user ratings
  • The database is sorted, filtered and modified to remove unwanted data
  • After input and rating collection from user a machine learning collaborate filtering/matrix factorization is applied


Technical breakdown of project:

  • Pandas and Python are used to extract and classify the data
  • User-friendly website is implemented using HTML,CSS and JavaScript
  • Data is collected from the user and stored
  • Imported "Lenskit" Machine learning algorithms are fitted to the data from the user and our dataset to find neighbors
  • The algorithm, and website is developed and combined using Django