Hi! I'm Armin

Computer Science Honours @ University of British Columbia | Software Developer @ Alida

I’m a multi-desciplinary with passions in software engineering, game development, research and design.

What I'm Up to?

  • Interning as a Software Developer at Alida
  • Looking for Summer 2022 Internships
  • TAing for CPSC221
  • Taking a Visual Arts class

Some Other Stuff I'm Doing

  • Volunterring at BEST as an app developer
  • learning Adobe Illustrator

About me

I’m a third-year Computer Science Honours student at the University of British Columbia in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

[as excited as I am that you want to know more about me, why not play some of the songs while you read]

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I have no idea. I am nowhere near knowing what I want to be doing in the future; cliché or not, I’m determined to explore things that interest me. Right now, in development I want to explore full-stack development, game programming, artificial intelligence and its implications.

I realized that I want to check out designing and writing too. I’m on the path to take a dual major at UBC in Visual Arts. “Will it help you get software engineering jobs?” to be honest I don’t know and that’s not why I want to do this. I’m privileged enough to be able to choose what I want to learn and for me it makes sense to do both. I want to explore sketching, digital art and creative writing. (I’ll try to add some of the designs I do when I get actually good on here)

I’m trying to write more and with that I’m going to publish some stuff on Medium when I have the time. If you use Notion a lot, I’ve made a couple of templates to get you finessing in your work. Go check out some of my Spotify playlists to find some good music.


University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Science, Honours, Computer Science | Sep 2019 - Present
  • 2020 Dean of Science Scholarship - 2020 Trek Excellence Scholarship
  • Science Scholar and Dean's Honour List standing for 2019-20 and 2020-21 sessions
  • Relevant Courses: Software Construction | Introduction to Computer Systems | Basic Algorithms and Data Structures | Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis | Introduction to Artificial Intelligence | Intermediate Statistics for Applications



Software Developer Co-op | Sep 2021 - Apr 2021
  • Contribute to an Agile team as an engineer building an industry-leading SaaS product suite
  • Develop using a variety of tools and technologies; namely, JavaScript UI Frameworks (jQuery, ReactJS), Node.js, Python, .NET Technologies, SQL Server

University of British Columbia

Teaching Assistant | Sep 2020 - Present
  • CPSC 221: Basic Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CPSC 121: Models of Computation
  • Led 30+ labs surrounding applying data structures and algorithms in C++
  • Supported 500+ students in multiple classes in the fundamentals of data structures and logic

UBC Biomedical Engineering Student Team

App Developer | Mar 2021 - Present
  • Create a cross-platform app in Python and JavaScript using Flask and Node.js
  • Implement functionalities to communicate with the EEG headset and Machine learning models

University of British Columbia

Jump Start Orientation and Transition Leader | Aug 2020 - Apr 2021 - Aug 2021 - Sep 2021
  • Organized virtual activities and events for orientation week
  • Conducted bi-weekly meetups, personal check-ins and support for a group of 30+ students



A mobile application build with React-Native to simplify the process of setting away messages for your Gmail. I used firebase to easily authenticate users and the Gmail API to set away statuses

  • React-native,Firebase,Node.js,JavaScript

Parking Meter 2.0

A UX design for touch screen parking meters. The design went through case studies, research and I made thefinal mockups using Figma

  • Figma,UX,UI


An image respository website built with Node.js. Users can sign in/sign out, put their product on display and see what others are sharing. I'm sotring the data using MongoDB and using Passport.js for user authentication

  • Node.js,MongoDB

Movie Mine

A web app that uses machine learning to recommend movies to you to watch. The web app is built with html/css and JacaScript; the backend is implemeted with Python with the Django framework

  • Python,Django,JavaScript,Machine learning

Flash card app

A flashcard desktop application for my Software Construction class at UBC. I've used JavaFX for the GUI and users can easily sign in and create their decks and flashcards

  • Java,JavaFX